High-Speed Internet for the Berkshires

One of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in networking is speed and capacity. Most people believe that speed and capacity – or bandwidth – are the same thing. Not so. Speed and bandwidth are interdependent. The combination of latency and bandwidth gives users the perception of how quickly a website loads or a file is transferred. Fiber-based services truly do offer high speed as well as high bandwidth. Fiber Connect can offer services six-times faster and with up to 1,400 times more bandwidth than traditional copper-based services.

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  • High-speed, high-bandwidth internet
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Custom Cloud Solutions (CCS)
  • Broadband telephone services (VoIP)
  • Hosted IP PBX
  • IT services
  • Computer Workstations
  • And more!