Internet access shouldn't be so difficult!

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Questions and Answers:

  • Q. Why is it taking so long to get high-speed internet access to the rural areas of the Berkshires?
    A. The mega-sized communication companies believe it’s not cost-effective for them to lay the “last mile” of cable. Fiber Connect is a local privately-owned company ready to work with towns, individuals and businesses.

  • Q. Why should I choose Fiber Connect as my internet provider?
    A. Fiber Connect is a privately-funded company with a network of talent. We do not need financial support from the towns in which we work. Fiber Connect assumes 100 percent of the financial liability and risk. Our goal is to provide excellent products and services.

  • Q. What towns are you working in?
    A. In October 2016, we launched Phase One of a multi-phase roll out in Monterey. In November 2016, we are moving forward with this same type of roll-out plan in Egremont. Participants will receive 1 GB fiber optic broadband network throughout 2017.

  • Q. If I sign up, when will I be notified that services are coming to my area?
    A. Of course. You will be the first to know.

  • Q. How much will this cost?
    A. We are targeted at $99 per month for 1 gig (1,000 meg) of super fast data bandwidth.

  • Q. How can I get the most recent Fiber Connect news?
    A. Follow us on Facebook. We’ll keep you up-to-date there and here on our site.